Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13th

Spent the day at the Dr's and the hospital today. Chris was doing some drilling, and welding over the weekend and somehow got some concrete or metal in his eye. He had to get it taken out today at the hospital as it was embedded in his eye. It was kinda gross. A big thank you to Meg who brought afternoon tea and dinner round for us and a massive thank you to Mum who came and cooked the dinner, looked after the kids, bathed them and put them to bed, as I had to work. It was very much appreciated.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 12th

My blog is now up to date!!! You may need to go back a few pages to see all the photos!
In between baking 100's of biscuits for the school week, we had a huge downpour! The kids all went out and wanted to play in it. Jackson has the sniffles so he kept dry and used a cup to collect some rain instead!!

February 11th

I went home from work last night with a migraine and slept for 14 hours, then even more during the day. I did surface to take this photo. Meg gave me a bike rack that will fit 4 bikes on it rather then just 3, and Chris was just testing to make sure it would work, because he will need to drill a hole in the tow bar for it to be able to fit to the Jeep. It is a much better one then I have been using, the old one scratches the bike if I don't wrap it with a teatowel! If we put Jackson's bike in the boot all 5 of us can go for a ride. Or we now have 2 tag-a-longs, so we can all go on long rides too! We are set!

February 10th

I went to see The Vow today with Nataly and Jenni (Jackson's friend Bradley's mum) It was a really soppy movie. The best bit is we did it while the kids were at school! I had never thought about being able to do things like that occasionally...How exciting!

February 9th

Yes. All my kids have bigger then normal feet for their age. But I never expected my 10 year old (nearly 11)daughter being fitted for a ladies size ELEVEN shoe!!! I am only a 9, so I thought she may have stopped there or a 10! But 11 hooley dooley!

February 8th

I have been having lots of meeting with the big boss at work since I have been back after holidays. Things will be changing a bit at work. With it comes much more responsibility, and a pay rise. I have been documenting all the things team members are doing wrong so that I can hit them with evidence when they tell me they would never do that. As an aside note, Sam had to change class today after having a big panic attack, he knew nobody in his new class and it turned out the school had mucked up the socio-gram for him. It was a big relief that all was taken care of swiftly and I have a happy boy again

February 7th

All 3 kids are in uniform and at the same school for the first time today. Sam is going into Year 2 and Lucy is going into Year 6. This is the only year they will all be at the same school!