Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 14th

The kids and I went to see Nat and Liam, while the rest of the family was down the coast. We went out for dinner to Zefferellis for an early birthday dinner for me, as we head to the coast tomorrow. It was a lovely meal. Mum made me a cake, which we had at our place afterwards. After the candles were blown out Mum got the boys to "pretend" to blow the candles out, blowing icing sugar all over me instead! Mark, Aleesha and Hudson gave me this beautiful wall art, which goes perfectly in the playroom. And Dad gave me an iPad! Spoilt or what. I had a lovely evening with my family, it was a great night. Thankyou

Friday, January 13, 2012

January 13th

Finally got my Christmas present from Meg and Kees set up, we had to take it back to Bunnings (the last place I wanted to go to in my holidays...) as the original had dents in it. It is in the playroom, I have wanted something like this for AGES! I love it. Just need to wait till Bunnings has a few more of the coloured containers in it as well. So imagine it with an aqua, plum and black box in it and some more toys and books, and "play" instead of "love" and it will be done.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12th

We had some shopping at the mall to do today, and after we were finished took the kids to Tunza Fun, a new game arcade place they have. The kids had unlimited games for 30 minutes, and had lot's of fun! Afterwards we went to Mum's, to see Steve, Jo and the kids and Mark, Aleesha and Hudson came. He is so cuddly, and the kids adore him!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11th

I had a sore belly today and popped a heat pack in the microwave. I always heat it with a glass of water to stop the heat pack burning. When it went off I was going into the kitchen to get it, but Sam had tried to get it out for me, trying to be thoughtful, and he knocked the glass of water onto his wrist and hand, burning it :-( He knows not to touch the microwave and just wanted to be helpful, but I am upset with myself for it... After having it under running water for 15 minutes we went to hospital with his hand in a jug of water, we got straight in, the nurses gave him a bag with water in it and it was only a 2 minute wait for the doctor. Sam was pretty stoked the Dr's name was Sam too. He checked it all over, and determined it was a superficial burn, but that it may blister in the worse bits (a small blister already formed and popped). He is ok! The running water has helped tremendously and it doesn't look as sore and red as it did at first. The Dr said keep it under running water for another hour, so here is Sam about half way through, watching The Simpson's on Daddy's phone. His fingers were prunes at the end of it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10th

Sam had an appointment at the orthodontist today. His adult teeth are very very big, and some of the new adult teeth aren't coming down and don't have room to come in. I was hoping we could do similar to Lucy, with her plate when she was 7, but he needs to wait for this one and will have braces once all his baby teeth are out. Steve and Jo came to Canberra today, with Brayden and Caitlin. The kids got along so well. It's funny how similar Jackson and Caitlin are! Lucy and Caitlin had some girly time in Lucy's room, and Sam was happy having Uncle Steve's attention so he could talk to him about his favourite subject...Star Wars.

January 9th

Poor old Lucy....she has a very bad ear infection. She has some ear drops she has to take, plus she is still pretty tired from her holiday.

January 8th

It is so nice having Lucy home. We just hung around the house today, not doing too much at all, we played a bit of Snakes and ladders

Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7th

She's home from Fiji! I think Remy may have been more excited to see me....Lucy claims she didn't see me :-P

Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6th

Today Mum and I took the boys to Mt Stromlo bike park. Jackson hadn't been able to ride his new bike yet, it was a big jump in size, and even though he has been without training wheels for over a year, he found it quite daunting. It only took him a minute of being held onto and he was off and racing! Sam did a great job on his new bike too, he is still on training wheels and thinks he might try without them soon.The park is great, we are going to come back again next week. Today was our last day with Zilli. Tomorrow we swap her back for Lucy. Zilli has been a delight, she settled in as quick as anything this time, and has been very good the whole time she has been here. It will be sad to say goodbye to her tomorrow.

January 5th

Sam spends about 80% of his time playing Lego. He loves it, and he has the most amazing mathematical mind, which makes Lego a piece of cake for him. He does huge sets in about an hour and then builds, rebuilds and creates

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4th

Sam went to the Cotter with a friend today. So it was just Jackson and I. He has been desperate to go for a bike ride so we headed out before it was too hot. I forgot to take a photo, so this is when we were packing up, he also went for a swim at Grandma's. After 3 years of it being just Jackson and myself that may have been the last day, he is off to big school this year...I'm not looking forward to it very much, it's fun having him around, going for our bike rides and playing together.

January 3rd

Very hot day today. We spent most of the day in the cool house, playing the Wii, and then later set up the Slip'n'slide again. I lay reading my Kindle while the boys cooled off and had fun.

Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2nd

Here is our resident possum. She lives in the garage roller door, I'm not sure how she doesn't get squished every time Chris opens the door. When Chris opened the door she climbed out and then went back in again. This possum has gotten fat recently, maybe after all the cherries and apples she has been picking off our trees! Sam went to a friends house for dinner, and Jackson was quite hot so he went on the slip'n'slide. He had a ball, so much fun that the big kid got involved too.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1st

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2012! My resolution this year is to keep posting photos to my blog for the ENTIRE year! The previous 2 years computer and camera trouble slowed me down and I got out of the this is a fresh start! Happy Birthday to Mum. The boys had fun this afternoon jumping in the pool with Grandma and then everyone came over here for a yummy BBQ dinner. Hudson came to his first family do, and Grandma and Aunty Bec had lots of cuddles. He is just beautiful.