Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11th

I had a sore belly today and popped a heat pack in the microwave. I always heat it with a glass of water to stop the heat pack burning. When it went off I was going into the kitchen to get it, but Sam had tried to get it out for me, trying to be thoughtful, and he knocked the glass of water onto his wrist and hand, burning it :-( He knows not to touch the microwave and just wanted to be helpful, but I am upset with myself for it... After having it under running water for 15 minutes we went to hospital with his hand in a jug of water, we got straight in, the nurses gave him a bag with water in it and it was only a 2 minute wait for the doctor. Sam was pretty stoked the Dr's name was Sam too. He checked it all over, and determined it was a superficial burn, but that it may blister in the worse bits (a small blister already formed and popped). He is ok! The running water has helped tremendously and it doesn't look as sore and red as it did at first. The Dr said keep it under running water for another hour, so here is Sam about half way through, watching The Simpson's on Daddy's phone. His fingers were prunes at the end of it.


  1. Didn't you write a thingie saying that he had to put his hang in water for a hole TWO HOURS!!!!

  2. Poor Sam!!! - but Lucy what is a thingie, a hang and a hole?????